October 04, 2010

Just some random rants

The exam timetable is released today. I dunno whether I should feel happy or said or indifferent with my timetable. My exam will start on 15th nov, 19th nov and the last one will be on 26th nov, which is basically the last day of the exam week. fyi, this coming exam will be the last exam for my undergrad course (insyaAllah, doa2kan la sume berjalan lancar=)) I will start my exam with Radio Frequency (RF), then Communication System, and the last one is DIgital System 4 (DS4). well,.. my friends will be finishing on 11th! I dont even start my exam.. that what I am quite sad.. derang da ronggeng2, tapi akuuuu..?? hukhuk:( but on the bright side, I have more time to study for each subject:) Frankly speaking, the subject that I do this semester not that hectic as previous semester. So, with the time that I have for revision, hopefully I can score higher this time=)

Well, there are couple of important things happened lately. First, insyaAllah, my mum will coming over for my graduation. so yay!!! I already bought the tix for her, and already got the visa=) She will be here from Dec 7 until.. TBA. haha, I have not bought the tix yet for returning to Malaysia. The tix quite expensive though, Melbourne-KL, AirAsia, is about AUD750 one way, which equvalent to RM2100. And yes, I sponsored my mum with the cost =.=' <--need to save more.

If God wills, I will be graduating on Dec 11, Saturday. This year, Melbourne Uni wanna make the graduation little bit grand, with conjunction of 100 years School of Engineering anniversary. So, the graduation ceremony will be held in the REB (Royal Exhibition Building), instead of Willson Hall where they usually does.

Okay, I have been talking about the good things happened or will happen, so let change topic to more serious and stressful ones. lol. Now is the peak of my busyness where I have a lot of things to do. well, I guess I always say that. But this time I have final year project to do, with the report, my other subjects report, the tests, and not to forget, the assignment. But I still consider myself lucky because I dont have much assignment to do, other than comsys assignment, and my subject also not that hard compared to those doing control or wireless. mmm.. but yeah, I'm just hoping that everything is going smooth coz I want to graduate soon!!! coz I have plenty of plans to do after my graduation... jeng...jeng...jeng... haha!

anys, time to study. Congratulations to those who just got engaged, and married, and good luck to people who will be having the exam=)



bahyah/4uraffle said...

u are engineering student rit? what ur major ? what u doing 4 ur FYP?
to much questn...hehhehe
anyws,.good luck !!

cahayaharumankasturi said...

tahniah kerna akan bergraduasi :)

zunitaramli said...

@yup yup. hehe. im engineering student. major in telecommunication. im doing the feedback control for magnetic levitation for my fyp:)

@ana: tengkiu2. doakan sume berjalan lancar eh:)