October 02, 2010

You dont have to read this.

I dunno why, I am so frustrated with somebody when that person thinks I'm not serious doing my work. What that person thinks I am doing all these while? Is that person thinks I am stupid enough not to care about my final mark? I am doing my work EVERY SINGLE day! I have my own time management, fyi, I spent most of my time doing that work! I know what I am doing, can you at least appreaciate at least once whatever I did? Argh. I feel like crying becoz of ur condemnation of my work.

Thank you.


chk said...

may Allah bless cik ita :)

Nadya Summer said...

i feel ya sistah.

been there, done that. and guess what, those kind of look or words of condemnation.. they wont stop. all u have to do is, breath it in. exhale and let it all out. then, put a smile on your face and say this:

I KNOW WHAT IM DOING WITH MY LIFE. IF YOU THINK ITS NOT ENOUGH, SCREW YOU. (well, u can tapis that into a better, acceptable sentence. haha)

then smile again.

you'll feel much better.

heh. :P