November 09, 2010

Best moments

Memandangkan aku tgh tension study, so I want to write something yang best, sekurang2nye, boleh la jugak kurangkan stress aku nih. hehe.

I'm pretty sure all of us have our best moment(s). tak kesahlah pasal ape pon, asalkan bende tu pengalaman yang kita susah sgt nk lupa and sgt2 appreciate bende tu. Here are the list of the best moments of mine.

5. When I got my result for A LEVELS, which guaranteed my place to further my studies to Melbourne, Australia. Also, masa kat KLIA, the moment nk fly ke Melbourne, rasa sgt2 best!

4. 2010 New Years Eve. My other half and me celebrated our New Year in Hiroshima. It was awesome.. That time was winter, and it was snowy.. Hiroshima city was pretty quite that time, only us walking on the street, with the snow fell onto the ground.. Sgt2 rasa mcm winter sonata!It was incredibly awesome New Year's Eve!

3. Our holiday in Sarawak. My other half and me, had the road trip from Bintulu to Miri. We went to Niah's Caves, jungle tracking, and everything was awesome! Serious rs mcm nk pegi lagi!

2. ... my mum will come to Melbourne in few weeks time! hehe. This will also be one of the BEST moments in my life! coz it was my dream to bring my mum here, seeing me graduate.. insyaAllah..

1. Of coz if I can graduate this december!!! Oh-em-geeee!! sgt2 best okayyy if dpt grad dec ni!! everything gonna be over... da xmo duk melbourne dah! *nk duk jepun plak. wink2*


cahayaharumankasturi said...

oke..all da best ye..selamat datang ke jepun..hehe..ana nak pi Aussie pulak..welcome :)


rabia-adawiah musa said...

teringin nak g oversea..uwaa!!!

E F F A R I N I said...

nak ikot mak ita g sane :) hehe :P

Nadya Summer said...

bila kaw dtg swak?!?!?!?!?!??!

zunitaramli said...

@kak rabia-adawiah: jom2 mai oversea!!hehe
@rini: marilah rini. jalan2 melbourne best!:D
@nadya: haaa,tula kauuuu, xigt aku lagiiiii..haha. aku g seminggu kottt.