November 29, 2010


People usually enjoy their freedom after exam, so called post-exam-syndrome. People do whatever they want to do like watching movies for the whole day, sleeping till noon or even evening, facebooking all day long, partying, etc etc. Well, that what people usually do, isn't it? Well for me, it's the other way around. I don't like feeling empty, like doing nothing useful, sleeping for the whole day, watching movie, lying on the bed thinking of nothing. I just so sick doing that.

Hmmpphh..So, I usually will find something 'stressful' to think or do. Well, yeah, LOL. I think I get used to stress, so if I am not stress, I feel strange. My boyfriend really want me to enjoy my holidays, not thinking of anything that can make me stress. Coz I got enough before the exams, and now, me myself finding the source of stressfulness. LOL. Maybe.. I really get used to stress. hmmm..

Anyway, just do whatever can make you comfortable, though it's stressful. As long as you enjoy whatever you do! Life is short. Always remember that :)



Sarsir said...

something to think about..
blaja da abes, nk keje ape?

zunitaramli said...

Yeah, the question was frequently asked since I started my final year... and it's very very important question tho. im trying to find an intern in japan, in engr company, and just pray my best I can get the job:D