November 28, 2010


Hi peeps,

It has been long time since I properly updated my blog. Same reasons as before - busy, exam, lazy. LOL! Well, just want to chillax for a while, I think it kinda worth to update my blog yang da berlumut yang tak berupdate nih. haha.

Anyhoo, first we start about the latest updates from me:

I have finished my last exam last friday, Digital System 4. At last.. yeah, at last I finished my exam..phew~ It was pain in the arse when everybody finished their exam, and chillax themselves, go here and there, but you stuck in your room, studying. It's soooo pathetic! But everything is over now.. (!) Just waiting for the result and then we know what my fate is. *tulis word result kecik2 sbb xnk pk pasal result lg. cuak! haha*

If everything gone well, I will be expecting to graduate this december, 11 December to be precise. And mum will come over here, to Melbourneeee!! Hip hip horraaaaaayyyy!! OMG OMG OH-EM-GEEEE! I am super duper excited for thattt!! It is my dream since I flew here to bring my mum to my graduation!! And in few weeks time, my dream will come true.. InsyaAllah2 :) *well, then again, it depends on my result jugak.huu~*

Wanna see more Melbourne Uni pics? Click here.

Oh oh, since I am going back for good next month, I have sold my bed and mattress. So yeah, for the time being, I have to sleep on the floor sambil berbantalkan lengan..hukhuk.. *ekeke. saje je wat2 sedih kan. xde la sampai berbantalkan lengan, ade je bantal tapi xde tilam lah kan. hehe* Wanna see how I am going to sleep from now on? Taaaaadaaaaaaaaa!!!

Haha. Well, to be honest, I am kinda like my new 'place to sleep'. Haha. So bujang kannn?? hehe. But but, sakit bontot duduk lame2 atas lantai tu! hukhuk. And since today is my first time sleep on the comforter, so I don't really feel comfortable, and I could not sleep! +______+" <-- I tried to take a nap just now, the comforter is not comfort at all.. Well, nipis sgt comforter nye, mmg lah kan. Sakit2 badan. Hish, gedik je kan zunita ramli ni. haha. abaikan~

Hmmphh.. so.. from now to 14dec.. I have plenty of things to do.. Planning, planning, and planning. That it is. I planned to work in Japan next year, so I have searched few companies in Japan that does not need Japanese knowledge at all. They use 100% English. For instance, Rakuten Inc., Softbank (few groups under Softbank Corp.) and few more.

So, I have to start thinking how to write my CV and resume properly, which means.. I have to korek2 and pk cane nk goreng resume niiiiii +_______+" The most scary thing (for me) is to go to the interview. Honestly, I don't really have confident that I can contribute something to the company. Like.. I feel I am not matured enough, to think like professional people. Sigh~ I feel I am not ready to be in professional field. *Sape suro amik engineering, haa, hambik kau!* Hopefully, everything gonna work out well. Ameen~

Oh okay, I got to pray for Asr. Anda sudah solat? Hehe. Till then.



Maryam said...

ITA!!! practice nk tido atas tatami kt jepun nnt eh? hehehhe
bestnye kje kt sane!!!!!!!!!! nk join!!!! >.<
anyways... all the best for your results and future graduation. sure u will do wellnye, kalu tak bkn name zunita tuh ;)
nnt blk bitaw la bleh lepak! or tak blk mesia lgsg??

zunitaramli said...

yam nyum!!ahahaha. ala yam, ko da ade xyah carik2 keje ni, keje carik ko yam..laen la cm aku.. ape je ade..sob..sob..:( haha. anyways, of coz im going back to malaysia tanah airku first!!!! hahaha. will be back on 14th dec, and sampai mesia 15th lah :) mesti la nk jumpeee yam before g jepunnn!! it's a MUST okayyyy!

p/s: rindu kau. huu~

rabia-adawiah musa said...

duk jepun for good ke??

zunitaramli said...

oh, xde la for good, masih ade bond ngn telekom. hehe. insyaAllah setahun kt jepun:)