December 03, 2010

..and then, I graduate :)

It wasn't easy to graduate from Melbourne University. Perhaps, it's the same for other university, but I'm talking about Melbourne University specifically because it is where I graduated from. There were a lot of things I have been through for four years. And honestly, IT WASN'T EASY. Successes, failures, pressures, stresses, happiness, sadness, sorrows, every single thing I have gone through. And now, here I am, self-declared as alumni of Melbourne University, with the Degree of Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (Honors).

I used to fail my subject not once, but twice. And it wasn't easy to face it. It mainly because it affected my entire study plan. The subject that I failed was 431-327 Communication Systems, which was my core subject. I didn't blame the lecturer, coz for me, the lecturer was good, but he was so strict in marking papers. No such 'pity marks' when he marks the papers. I failed the subject for the first time during my second semester, third year. Then, I seated for supplementary paper for that subject, on the following month. And again, I failed. From that, I learned there is no short cut in understanding concepts in this subject, that is - there's no short cut to succeed. So, I repeated the subject again in my second semester, final year, and I learnt from my mistakes. There you go - I got H1 - First Class Honor for the subject.

Since I failed the core subject, there were few subjects that I couldn't do in the following semester, because Communication Systems was the pre-requisite. I was very disappointed at that time. So, I chose subjects that I could do. I had no choice.. But now, after finished everything, I can see it was a good thing that I failed twice coz then, I had to choose easier subjects than what I supposed to do. In turns, I got straight H1 for all of the subjects :)

I remember what Steve Job used to say, 'It's impossible to connect the dots when u moving forward, but it is possible to connect the dots when you move backwards'. That is, after all these, you just realized everything happened for a reason. Though the time you have to face the failure seems so hard, just believe me, He knows what's the best for you. Trust your fate. Never give up. Keep on going. Everything will be fine :)

p/s: Cant wait for 11 Dec! :D:D:D


ns said...

tahniah, da nak kombo..hee

Maryam said...

wow! hebat siut Ita! terlalu hebat ni, tahap dewa...hoho..CONGRATZZZZZZZ!!!! :D :D
siapa sangka eh.. setiap sesuatu ada hikmahnye

when you failed you got back up again, and truly showed them how excellent you are

m|ke said...

tahniah ita
aku tumpang gembira

IF said...


Am so proud of u :)

zunitaramli said...

@ana: hehe. alhamdulillah~ everything is paid off:)
@yam: one thing I learn from my mistakes - there's no short cut to succeed. :)
@mamat: thanks!
@If: thx if. m still remember how jealous i was when u graduated, and now, it's my turn:)

rabia-adawiah musa said...

akak pun 2 kali fail bila repeat, pointer naik sbb dpt grade lg baik..:)