December 01, 2010

Something to think about

Have you ever thought life is not treating you fairly? And for me, I strongly believe that life isn't fair. That's why we have the Judgement Day. Well, that's another story. I don't want to write about that here.

The rich people continue to be rich, and the poor people continue to be poor. Why? Don't say it's all about fate. It isn't. There are lots of middle class people trying their best to improve their living, working so hard 24/7 365 days. But why they still not as rich as Bill Gates? Or Steve Job? Or at least.. like our Astronaut? Why? Do their hard work still isn't enough?

It's all because of how people treating you. Yes, us. As middle class people. Why the rich people always get sponsored here and there, Mawi & Ekin wedding, Dr. Muzaphar & Dr Harlina wedding, Dato Siti & Dato K wedding? They even can get PROFIT from their wedding! They don't even need to pay a penny! (or in their case, a Aren't these sponsors very selfish? These people didn't need any sponsor for their wedding! Can't these sponsors donate or sponsor the money to other thing that more beneficial? Like, orphans organizations, or whatever that is more beneficial than sponsoring the rich people than just making them richer and richer? What about us? The middle class people? We have to pay every single thing, that just make the middle class people poorer and poorer. It isn't fair at all.

Okay, that's just one example. Other example like buying cars. Middle class people like in Malaysia HAVE to buy the Malaysia's cars that are VERY VERY EXPENSIVE. We have to make a loan from the bank and pay it for at least 7-8 years. On top of that, we have to pay the interest as well. Just imagine, if the price of the car RM60 000, and the interest is 5% per year. *Note: I don't really know how much the actual interest is, this is just a rough calculation* And say, you want to pay for 8 years to the bank, which means, in total, you have a debt of RM 84 000. What about rich people? They can get much much better cars from overseas, Mercedes, BMW, Peugeot, even at the lower price than RM60 000, including shipping back to Malaysia. They can save A LOT and getting better cars. Isn't that unfair?

In case of getting tender and everything, Dato's and Tan Sris always getting good tender. I don't to talk about what happen behind that, umm, not interested to write. But yeah, small companies always get not-so-good tender. I don't know. I am not expert in this field. But yeah, I believe it is always discrimination making life is so unfair.

p/s: Life is always unfair.

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