March 30, 2011


Hello people, how's ur day today? Happier than yesterday? :) Well, this entry is specially dedicated to my besties who were helping me a lot during my wedding, I mean, A LOT.

First and foremost, thanks to Syaiffira Nadya for being my assistant, (or I would say my wedding planner?). You really did great, girl. You were helping me organize everything, make sure things are in place, and you came all the way from KL (straight after your morning event in KL) to Kuala Pilah. I really2 do appreciate that. Thanks for being my motivator and gives me hopes whenever I was down (you know how nervous I was), and most importantly, thank you for being my best friend since we were in college. I love you so much (err.. as a friend, obviously), no doubt about it.

To Syafiqah Radzi, thank you for being my maid of honour, I know you were awkward and nervous at the same time. ( was worth it!many people in you when they saw you!lol). Thank you for being there during my akad nikah, for calm me down, (for wiped my sweat?), for coming all the way from Rembau and stay overnight in Kuala Pilah. Thank you so much! On top of that, thank you for being my best friend since we were in university days.

To the drama queen, Miss Badriah Burhan, thank you soooo much for coming to my wedding! I can't believe you came all the way from Bintulu to Kuala Pilah, just to attend my wedding, thank you so much babe :) Thank you for always be there when I need you, especially during the akad nikah, you know, I really need my besties there.. Thank you for gave me support, thank you for helping me a lot during my wedding, thank you for being a great MC! my wedding woould be dull without your presence.. :( Thank you so much babe!

To my bedmate, a.k.a my long-lasting-friend, Miss Akila Mahmood, thank you soooo much for coming to my wedding! Thank you for coming all the way from Kelantan, and helping me during the wedding. Nothing much I would say, though thousands of thank yous won't enough to give back what you have done to me for last 10 years we being friends. Since we were in STF, then in Melbourne and in my wedding, you really did A LOT to me. I pray for your happiness and may you always succeed in your future undertakings. Thank you so much Akila! (ps: da lame xpanggil ko Akila busuk.hehe xP)

To Miss Asiah, thank you for coming to my wedding, and helping me.. (pss..thank you for the present too! XP) Thank you for driving me to the mosque during the akad nikah with the gorgeous pink myvi (mmh mabeles la kete ko asiah!), thank you for making sure everything during the reception is right, thank you for stay overnight at Kuala Pilah, and last but not least, thank you for being such a great friend! Thank you so much!

To Miss Syairah, though we have not met for almost a year, thank you for still not forgetting me, in fact, you also helping me a lot! Thank you so much for being there on my wedding, for spending your time to organize everything, for lending me your energy during the reception, thank you so much syai! :)

Last but not least, personally I feel much appreciated and sgt2 beruntung coz having besties like them. Thank you so much! I love you to bits xoxoxo

With my maid of honour, Miss Syafiqah

With Badriah Burhan during the reception

With Badriah Burhan during my solemnization

With Miss Asiah, during the solemnization

With Nadya, during the reception

With Syairah, during the solemnization

Look how nervous I was before the akad :S

They tried to chill me.OMG, I was so nervous!

After everything settled..

Them,after everything settled. Above from left: Akila, Syafiqah, Asiah. Below from left: Badriah, Syairah, Me, Shahrul Nizam (my husband)

Nervous face.

With the husband after the akad.


miss said...

Congrats. ita!! =)

IntanBerlian said...

huhu ugi aku x dtg weh.. pening aku nak baca tulisan ni.haha dah macam tulisan tamil.

zunitaramli said...

to miss: sankyuuu~ hehe
to intan:ceh, cm tulisan tamil ko ckp? punye la kiut miut tulisan tu.xpatut betul.haha. btw,tu la ko.. aku da suro dtg xmo, sombong ngn aku..kan da nyesal.haha