April 18, 2011


Hello peeps!

I like reading books. Seriously, I like reading books. But I don't inherit this habit from my family, nor trained by my mother. I believe I pick up this habit from my ex-roomate in Melbourne, Miss Akila and of course from my husband. They like reading books. When I say they like reading books, means, they REALLY like it. Akila for instance, has shelves full of books, either in Melbourne or in her house in Malaysia (they were actually overload with books, I suppose) and my husband likes to bring me to bookstore every time we are going outside. He also has his own collection of books, ranging from economics, motivational, religion, novel, and even comics. So yeah, living with people with this habit, believe it or not, can INFLUENCE you, fortunately in a good way =).

But that's not the point. The thing is, yes, I like reading books so I tends to buy a lot of books (whenever I go to the bookstore, of course), but then I leave the book unread! Okay, it's not that I don't really have time to read them,.. but mmm.. sometimes, I am being lazy and it seems that I need to have mood to read. So, as long as I don't get the mood, so I will leave the book unread. I know it isn't suppose to be like that.. but..but I still want to read them! Soonnnnn~ hehe

Those books are SOME of my books still unread or half read.

Well, need to be more proactive! :D


jauhalazim said...

yes. finish all the books you've bought while you have time. i barely have time for my novels now that i'm working. still am buying books though.. hehe..

seriously, finish kinsella's can you keep a secret. it's kinsella at her best. at least that's what i think.

zunitaramli said...

haha. Thanks to u coz influence me to hv this habit tho. but yea, it consumes lotsa money. LOL.

i cant believe u stop reading book!! u are my idol, akila........... oh no. hahah

lyno said...

can you keep a secret by sophie kinsella tu best la! cpt baca! heheh

zunitaramli said...

tgh baca..best mmg best, tp xcukup best utk hilangkan kemalasan aku utk baca buku atm. haha :P