April 17, 2011

Contest: Kisah menyayat hati

Well, I never join any contest before, as I never care what it suppose to be. LOL. Since I have lotsa time lately (well, right now, I should say), this is the first time I want to try joining this "Kisah menyayat hati" contest, done by Cik Munira. (I suppose she's still "Cik"). Apologize if I'm wrong tho.

This is the REAL story. It happened 3 years ago, while I was still studying in Melbourne. This is re-post entry, since I already made one. :) (Note that I combined 2 entries that I made previously).


July 17, 2008.

hurm..i am really2 sad..i dunno who to talk to..i know there are lots of frens outside there willing to lend their ears for me.,.but i just..dunno who to talk to..
after i called my dad this morning,i was really sad when knew his condition right now,.he cant speak,he cant hear,he refuse to eat,he refuse to talk to people,.but..what make me even more sad,.he just wanna talk to me..he recognized me..he called my name..
He wanted to say something to me,but I just cant understand what he said,I tried my hard to listen,to understand,but I just can't understand anything..
Then I called my mum,asked her to see abah,(coz my dad live with my step mother),and after a few hours,my mum called me..
She said,.whatever happens,.kuatkan semangat..jgn sedih sgt..coz my mum said,mmg xbole nak wat ape dah..I tried my hard not to cry in front of my mum,but i know my mum was so sad,and I cried again..she said,I am a good girl,jgn nangis,.I cried becoz i know my mum was so sad,.And my mum cried when she heard I cried,..
before u cant talk,u did tell me to be a good girl,to be a somebody one day..and I promise to myself,I will abah..eventhough u said u might not be here that time,but u want me to success..And u did say to banyakkan bace yassin for u,banyakkan solat hajat..igt Allah..insyaAllah abah..I will fulfill ur wishes..
u might not read this article,but one thing I want u to know,I never regret to be a father like you..whatever u did before,whatever people said before about you..I never bother about it,for me,without u,i am no one.,without u,i wont be here,i am not belong to this world..
No matter how bad are u before,let it be a history..for me,u are a great father..

last thing I want u to know,
adik sgt sgt sgt sayangkan abah..
adik xnak abah pergi cepat..
adik xpuas dgn kasih sayang abah..

maafkan segala kesalahan adik selama ni eh abah,.
halalkan makan minum adik eh abah..



adik sayangkan abah..


July 18, 2008.

Tepat pukul 1145am, Jumaat, 15 Rejab,1429H, abah telah pergi meninggalkan dunia ni..
Nothing else I can say,.Allah lebih sayangkan arwah..

Myb sepanjang hayat abah,adik xbyk tunjukkan yg adik hargai abah..And in fact,adik xsedar pon yg adik buat mcm tu..Adik selalu je pk pasal mak..xpenah bother pasal abah,.hurm..tu lah,myb cm org ckp,bile ade,kite xpenah nak hargai,but bile dah hilang,br nak hargai..abah,maafkan segala kesilapan adik,selama lebih 20 thn abah mendidik adik,smpai adik berada kat sini,halal kan makan minum adik selama 20 thn ni abah..

Adik igt lagi dulu,abah garang sangat..Kalau adik xdapat number 1 dalam kelas waktu exam,mesti abah marah..abah rotan,tp adik xpenah salahkan abah,sebab kegarangan abah tu lah,adik berjaya abah..I'm stand where i am now..Kalau adik dapat markah rendah dlm math,abah marah sgt2,abah kate,jgn bergantung pd otak jepun(calculator),abah cmpakkan calculator depan2 adik,tp itu lah yg membuatkan adik suke blaja math smpai skg,..

Adik igt lagi,abah selalu bawak adik pg bazaar ramadhan..bile bulan puase je,mesti xpenah miss,tetiap petang mesti pegi,.menu yg mesti beli,mee kari!adik ngn abah suke sgt makan mee kari,esp kalo ade kerang yg banyak!waahhh!best2!;)pas2 bile malam,lepas buka pose,abah suke g bang kan azan kat masjid utk isyak,sbb org ramai puji suara abah sedap bile azan:)

Tapi tu dulu,mase abah sihat,.bile abah sakit..

Ramai xpedulikan abah..adik tau,abah banyak perlukan duit,adik xkesah pasal duit abah..adik bg sebanyak mn dr duit scholar adik utk abah,utk abah berubat..adik xkesah sume tu,adik just mtk abah sehat je..

Tapi,Allah lebih sayangkan abah..Allah lebih tau ape yg terbaek utk adek,mak and even utk abah sendiri..Abah pergi jugak after 2 years terlantar atas katil..

InsyaAllah,adik janji,adik akan tunaikan permintaan abah tu..Adik akan selalu bacekan yassin utk abah,selalu doakan abah..
Adik tanak nangis bile abah pergi,sbb adik yakin,abah lebih gembira kat sana:)

Adik doakan abah bahagia kat sana,ditempatkan di kalangan org2 beriman..


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