April 13, 2011

Nihongo de nanto iimasu ka?

Hello peeps!

Even sekejap, rasa mcm da lame plak xupdate blog ni. Anyhoo, this is just a quick update from me. Today was my first day to japanese class. The class was at.. err, I'm not sure where it was coz I just followed my husband.haha! btw, the class was awesome, and I really enjoy the class (though sometimes they just speak japanese with me as if I'm so FLUENT in japanese, so I made a blank face =.=") I don't have to pay anything for this class coz they volunteer to teach japanese.. So yeah, I'm going to have this japanese class twice a week (Tues & Thurs), and myb I'm going to take other japanese class as well (since they are free, why not, right?). I'm aiming to master japanese at the end of this year (or at least I can understand and speak japanese fluently), and planning to take japanese exam as well.

Okay minna, time to sleep. Oyasuminasai!


Shira Shafrida said...

nanti bolehlah ita ajar shira cakap jepun.. hee dan cara masak makanan jepun..

zunitaramli said...

haha. inshaAllah, kalau da pandai nnt, ilmu xsalah di share2 kan. hehe. tp for now, br sehari blaja.haha.