April 02, 2011

Honeymoon (Korea)

Hello people,

Maybe it's lil bit outdated to put in blog about my honeymoon trip, but just to clarify things because some people asked me where did I stay in Korea, where did I go, how much money did I spend, etc. So I hope after I update the blog, it may help those who are planning to have a vacation in Korea.

We arrived in Incheon International Airport at 10.30pm (not too sure the exact time though) on Thursday. Then we decided to stay at the airport because we didn't book the hotel for that night. We didn't expect it going to be very cold, because it was already end of March, it suppose to be around 10-12degree at night. Apparently, the day before we arrived, the snow had fallen. So it caused the temperature as low as -1 to 0 degree that night. So, we slept in the middle of the coldness in the airport..

Just landed in the Incheon International Airport

At Incheon International Airport

After clearing the custom at Incheon International Airport

Next morning, at about 5.20am, we started our journey to the city of Korea, Seoul. We took the train from Incheon International Airport, then transit at Hongik University, to take Line 2 to go to station Euljiro 4(sa)-ga, where our hotel was located. The total cost for the journey was 4800 won (approx RM 13.35).

Inside the korail train

The red line shows how far have you traveled, and the green line shows how far you are to your destination. cool, huh?

This shows which station are you arrived at the moment (though I have no idea what it showed)

The hotel where we stayed was 'Travelers A', cost RM 167 per night for double bedroom. That was the most reasonable hotel that we could find, I personally satisfied with all the facilities provided. They provided heated floor, heat blanket,hot water, TV, hair dryer, phone (with free landline international call), water heater. The hotel was very clean as well. They do provide backpacker rooms, single room, etc.

After resting for a while in the hotel, we started our journey to Seoul. Before that, we bought T-Money, where it can be used in all subways, train, and I believe for buses too. First destination, we went to Myong-Dong market, where it's equivalent to Petaling Street in Malaysia.

At the subway station near our hotel

At Myeong-Dong

There were lots of shops there, selling clothes, shoes, make up, foods, etc. We just browsed through the shops, coz I didn't feel like buying. Then, we went to Namdaemun Market, where you can find cheap, beautiful, and gorgeous brooches there! There were hair clips, hair bands, all kind of women accessories too! I bet for those women who want to go to Korea, you HAVE to go there, if not... mmg satu kerugian besar! hehe. There, I bought some brooches, the price ranges from 5000 won to 7000 won, (approx RM3.90 to RM19.50) depends on how wise you to ask an offer from them.lol. I bought hair clips as well, price 4000 won (approx RM11.14).

On the way to Namdaemun Market

After that, we prayed Asr at the mosque at Itaewon, where the place is well known for their Muslim society.

At Itaewon station

The mosque at Itaewon

In front of the entrance of the mosque

Inside the mosque

You can easily find halal foods, everywhere in Itaewon. We bought a Kebabs at Kebab stall (can't recall the shops name though), chicken kebab price is 4000 won (approx 11.14), and mix kebab (beef+chicken) price is 5500 won (approx RM15.30).

At the subway station

Then, we went to Namsan Tower aka Seoul Tower to watch the scenery of Seoul. We took the subway to Myeong-Dong station, then we walked for about 20 minutes to take the cable car going to the tower. The cable car fee is 4800 won (approx RM 13.35) one way, or 6300 won (approx RM17.54) for return trip.

The scenery outside the ticket counter deck

Scenery outside the cable car

Then, we walked at the outdoor facilities of the Namsan Tower, there are some decorations at the outside too. Since I was so tired, we decided not to enter the Namsan Tower, coz the fees is separate. The entrace fees for the Namsan Tower is 8000 won (approx RM22.24) for adults, and 4000 won for children (approx RM11.14). After enjoying Seoul city scenery, we headed back to our hotel and arrived there at 6pm.

On the way to The Namsan Tower

Way up to the tower

Seoul city outside the cable car window :)

The entrance

Outside the Namsan Tower

On the second day, we went to Nami Island with the tour bus. The bus boarded from Pagoda Park (where they called it different name in the map - Tapgol Park - it caused us trouble to find where exactly the park was), and took 1 1/2 hours to arrive at the ferry quay. The whole trip costs us 23000 won (approx RM64) per person, which included return bus fare (15000 won approx RM 41.70) and return ferry fare (8000 won approx RM 22.24). The trip took us the whole day, where the bus departed at 9am and we arrived there at 10.30am. Then, they let us to walk on our own, and we have to assemble at the arrival point at 4pm. Nami Island is famous as a Winter Sonata drama scene, where we can find the place Joon Sang and Yoo Jin had their first kiss, etc. The scenery was awesome, and I personally fell in love with Nami Island..

Welcome to Nami Island!

On the way to Joon Sang and Yoo Jin had their first kiss

The place where they had their first kiss

Somewhere in the Nami Island

Though we didn't watch Korean moview/dramas, but I'm pretty sure there is something like this in the drama. lol

Somewhere in Nami Island

Kepada yg belum kahwin, jgn tiru aksi ini. haha!

On the third day, we went to Geokbokgung Palace, where it is the biggest palace in Seoul. It took us an hour to walk around the palace. Before I forgot, the entrance fee is 3000 won (approx RM 8.30). There, you could feel as if you were in different era, like in Dynasty-era. Everything seems so surreal.

At the entrance of the palace

The palace

On the way out

After that, we went to Namdaemun market for last minute shopping. I was so frustrated not knowing all the brooch shops closed on Sunday. Luckily, there was this one shop, open on Sunday and selling brooches! So, yay to me! I bought 5 brooches, hair bands, some souvenirs (most of it for myself,lol). I bought a bookmark, costs 2000 won (approx RM 5.56), a small pouch, costs 2000won (approx RM5.56), keychain,costs 1000won (approx RM2.80), poscards costs 3000won (approx RM8.30), korean satin silk costs 120 000 won (approx RM 333.65), and... ops, I think I did buy a lot of stuffs (just realized =.=").

Then, around 4pm, we went to Incheon International Airport.. That concluded our Honeymoon is about to end. Our flight to Haneda, Japan was at 9pm, with Korean Air.

And.. the trip was unforgettable and awesome! Will go to Korea again, some day.. ;)



woooowwww..bestnye Ita g honeymoon..and best tu shopping!!! brooch kat korea mmg cun n murah giler kan

zunitaramli said...

haah kak farah! rs mcm nk borong sume je kannnn.hehe