April 24, 2011

I miss my past.. :(

Fitzroy garden, during semester break. The last semester break I suppose. I miss this :(

Same place, Fitzroy garden. In front of dwarf's house, if I'm not mistaken. With my best buddy, Iqah =)

In Chinese grocery shop. Ballarat, Melbourne. During easter break (perhaps?) not too sure when, but that was during my final year (2010). Oh well.. I miss Melbourne so much right now..:(

Ballarat again. Pictured with a horse. Last pic taken before going back, I suppose. So happy being there =)

With Iqah in Ballarat =)

Great Ocean Road (GOR), during easter break in my final year. Great view. Subahanallah~

In front of the entrance of Ballarat. With Iqah and Syafiq. Final year, 2010.

GOR in upper view. Really2 amazing! Love being there. Peaceful~

In one of the beaches before arrived in GOR. Final year, 2010.

In front of Sydney opera house with Dahlila. During my first year. 2007.

At sydney botanical garden, during my first year, 2007. Easter break.

In front of Sydney opera house. first year, 2007.

Christchurch, New Zealand. Winter break, second year, 2008.

New Zealand. No need photoshop coz it's simply amazing! Winter break, 2008.

Queenstown, NZ. 2008.

Queenstown, New Zealand, 2008.

Queenstown, NZ, 2008.

Wakatipu Lake. Winter break, 2008. with buddies =)

Queenstown, 2008. I was sooo happy!

Bandung, during my second semester break, second year, 2008=)

Bandung again, 2008.

Tangkuban Parahu, Bandung, 2008.

Bandung, 2008.

Rambang mata utk shopping. Oh yes, Bandung, 2008.

Perth, second semester break, second year, 2008.

Perth, 2008.

Perth, 2008.

Perth, 2008.

Adelaide, third year. Easter break. 2009.

Adelaide, 2009.

Tasmania, 2009. mmm.. cant really remember which school hols I went there :S

Adelaide, 2009.

Tasmania, 2009.

Tasmania, 2009. With Iqah =)

Tgh tgk gamba lame2, tetibe rasa rindu sgt masa lampau..

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