April 06, 2011

Life in Japan: Part 1-Toilet

Hello peeps!

I believe everyone who used to visit Japan or lives in Japan is aware about Japanese toilet. They are quite different from the normal toilet that we have seen everyday, neither western type toilet (toilet duduk) nor asian type toilet (toilet cangkung la bai~). The first time I came to Japan, I was so impressed with the toilet - they are so sophisticated, unique. Unbelievable? Just take a look at the pictures below:

1. The toilet looks like a normal western type toilet, isn't it?

2. Okay, there are something different here, there is a black thing at the back of the toilet seat - I believe it's a sensor, and also 3 LEDs at the top right hand corner of the toilet seat. What are they used for?

3. Zoom in - to take a clear picture of the LEDs. I couldn't translate the japanese character tho. So, I'm not sure what are they really used for or showing. lol.

4. There you go, the unique part of the toilet. At the right side of the toilet wall, you can see all these buttons.
Okay, first thing first:
i) The left button (the one with greenish light) is the button for flush. Actually, there is 2 options for flush, it's either you press this button, or there is another sensor at the back of the toilet seat where you just put your hand on the sensor, then, the toilet will be flushed by itself.

ii) The second left button (where there is a square shape thing on the top of the button) is used to stop the water that flows through your buttocks.

iii) The third left button (where you can see a "w" shape thing) is used to get a water flush straight to your buttocks. Usually, this button is used after you urinate.

iv) The second right button (where you can see a picture of a person sitting, with the water symbol underneath) is used to get a water flush, also straight to your buttocks. But this button is usually used if you want to get large amount of water.

v) And the last one, the right button is used to dry your buttocks. Just press this button, and the air come out through the toilet bowl, and dry your buttocks. Amazing, huh?

Those aren't only the functions, there are 4 more buttons (smaller ones) at the bottom of all 4 big buttons that I describe above.

i-1) The first and second buttons (under the button with square and "w" shape thing) are used to control the water pressure. "+" sign to increase the pressure, and "-" sign to decrease the pressure.

ii-2) The third and fourth buttons (under the button of a person sitting and air shape thing) are used to control the water position. "+" sign to adjust to little bit above, and "-" sign for little bit below.
5. For the first time user, don't get panic, because there is an instruction on "how to use the toilet"! :D

So, what do you think? Awesome, right? Mmg xdapat nk carik toilet cmni kt tempat lain.. Jepun je ade. haha. Kau ado?


ice said...

hye zunita, lame x dgr cite! ko dah kawin ke skrg? duk japan ke?

zunitaramli said...

btw, ko sape? xkenal dow,ko tulis nick name "ice", cne aku nk kenal? haah,aku da kawen,n duk jepun now.hehe