April 14, 2011

Life in Japan: Part 2-でんしゃ (Electric train)

Hello people!

It's me again. Okay, today I'm going to write about Japan electric train, or in japanese we call it でんしゃ (pronounce as "densha").

Personally, I love using train in Japan. It is well known that japanese people are very particular about time. One thing about densha is the train will never be late. Even a minute. Okay la, mcm exaggerate la pulak, masa dia mungkin off +-1 minute. But still, it's better than KTM, isn't it? If the densha was scheduled at 10.14am, the densha will sharply arrived at that time. Not 10.17am, not 10.12am. Amazing, right? So, I would say the train here is very very reliable. Not like KTM (sorry to say this, but this is the truth), alwaaaaaaaays late! Sometimes an hour late! But, Malaysians have no choice, they got to bear with it. Sigh~

Another thing about the train is, you CANNOT let your phone in ring mode. That means, you HAVE to put your phone in silent mode. If your phone rings while you were in the train, you are in trouble. Really2 BIG one. And you are prohibited to answer your phone while in the train.

Another thing that made me impress with japanese people is, they like reading. No wonder they are so smart. and educated. When you are in the train, most people around you reading books, you turn left - you can see one, you turn right - you can see another one, you look in front - you can see another one! すごい!! (read as "sugoi" means amazing).

So.. bile lagi KTM nak punctual mcm train kt Jepun?

ps: alang2 tu, jgn lupe tgk japanese cotton kt sini! hikhik.

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