April 30, 2011

Segmen #1: Shera - Cita2 aku masa kecil

Actually, I was invited by the owner of this blog (the owner of the header above) to join her segment. Since I have nothing to do now, and it's going to be my first time joining segment (nampak sgt xde keje kan? haha), so I've decided to give it a try ^___^". So, here we go..

First question;
My ambition when I was small was..
I think this is common question people asked you, isn't it? and I believe, the answer is going to be very common as well. LOL. Straight to the point, I was intended to be a doctor, and then a teacher.

Second question;
What is your carrier now? Is it different than what do you want to be?
Well, frankly speaking, I'm unemployed now. I'm full-time housewife. But that does not mean I don't have a job. Confuse? LOL. I have a degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Melbourne, study sponsored by TM Malaysia. Having said that, I have to serve TM for 10 years (bonded). Technically, I already have my job as an engineer in TM, but I'm not working YET. But still, it's different than what I wanted to be.

Third question;
Opinion(s) about Shera's blog.. what does she need to improve?
I think I have no comment about hers. Everything looks fine to me =)


~C-K-K~ said...

wah speaking tu...jejalan sini sambil baca entri blog ni.. nice2,..^^

jom la datang blog sy pula... nnti jgn lupa follow ya... sy follow balik..^^


zunitaramli said...

haha. tetibe nk update dlm english, hehe. :)

Shaherah said...

thanks you.. i appreciate it.. ^_^ thanks 4 joining.. ^_^

zunitaramli said...


Ly_Tulip said...

jalan sini.. pastu bace entry in english...siap translate skali sume soklan sherah tu... Huhuhu

zunitaramli said...

hehe. kalau perasan, blog saya ni, ade 2 bahasa, kadang2 saya post entry dlm english, kadang2 dlm BM. yg english entry tu sbb nk tajamkan my english writing skill, and yg malay tu bagi org senang faham =)