April 25, 2011

Why do you blog?

Hello readers!

This question keep lingering my mind few weeks ago, when I started to follow the trend of 'blogwalking' (BW). Honestly, since I blog almost 4 years ago, I never done BW, because I do not care to collect followers. I just read few blogs, like Tun M's, and few others. I still remember that time, blogging was something rare, and only very few people owned blog(s). And I can bet you too, that time wasn't online shopping trend in Malaysia, so I guess if you trying to sell your item online, you are facing big risk that your item would be unsold.

But now, it's totally different. It's hard to find someone WITHOUT blog(s). Most people owned at least a blog. And blog trends also changes. It makes me harder and harder to find a good blog to read. The one that can fulfill all criteria of good quality blog of mine. These reasons probably would be it;

1. Their aim of having blog(s) is to get money.
When this aim is setting on the bloggers mind, they tend to blog something is unnecessary. Come on la, xkan nk berkasih sayang dengan bf pon nk update kt blog kot? They do not care some people (including me) annoyed with their post. They just want many people reading their blog, so will increase their blog rating and yeaa! Getting more money. pffftt. Please, if you want to get more money with your blog, write a good stuffs, then sooner or later, people will recognize your blog, okay?

2. Getting as many followers as they can
I understand if you want to get many followers, like if you get 10000 followers, of course your blog rating will increase, also the traffic, and you get more money (assume all the followers read your blog). But I think there is another point why some blogger is so addicted to get many followers; you will feel your blog is so popular. So yea, rasa ala2 artis gitu. Feel like everyone reads your blog. Oh puh-lease. I do not mind you have thousands of followers if you are writing good stuffs, but the thing is, there are some blogs having thousand of followers, but they writing sh*t! I'm seriously do not understand. Oh well, maybe these technics works to promote their blog.

3. This is MY blog, so I can write whatever I want.
Okay, that is so true. I could not say anything about that. That is your blog, so suke hati kau la nk tulis ape kan? But the thing is, you annoyed me when you writing nonsense and ask me to follow you blog. Hello? I'm a blogger, so I can follow any blog that I want. xpayah la nk suruh2 ni. Honestly, I am very annoyed with it. If your blog is good, people will follow your blog, even they are silent reader. Stop collecting followers. It's annoying. Also, stop asking people to click on your advertisement. Please la, xkan advertisement pon nk paksa org tgk?

ps: sometimes, simple entry (only with few words) can make quality entry. Think about it.
pss: Well, I'm not saying my blog is so good, but at least, I try to improve mine.

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