May 15, 2011

BBQ Saidaians

Hello peeps!

Today I went to a BBQ organized by Saitama undergrad students (I believe the short form is "Saidai-ans") at あきがせこえん ("Akigase-koen"; Akigase park). The BBQ is well known as annual event by Saidaians here, so I guess they have enough experience to organize the awesome and enjoyable BBQ, like today.

From my point of view, living in Saitama is quite different than back in Melbourne. Having 4 years experience living in Melbourne, I could say that people here quite close to each other. They know their hates and likes better, since their community is quite small. They still have this せんぱいーこうはい ("senpai-kouhai"; senior-junior) relationship, which I believe, contributes to the closeness of the relationship, compared than those in Melbourne.

Anyhoo, enjoy the pictures! Credit to the photographers, Amirah and Kak Umie's husband :)

Our BBQ place (credit to Kak Umie's husband)

Akagase-koen (credit to Kak Umie's husband)

Playing UNO. Well, I'm not used to play UNO, so I lost :( (credit to Kak Umie's husband)

Who says guys don't gossiping?(credit to Kak Umie's husband)

Preparing BBQ pit (credit to Kak Umie's husband)

We love food! (credit to Amirah)

BBQ. Yummy~! (credit to Amirah)

Are they really preparing the BBQ pit? I doubt that :P (credit to Amirah)

Girls  (credit to Amirah)

Sasha and her new friend :D  (credit to Amirah)

Girls again (credit to Amirah)

Till then.


d_LA said...

sumpah cantik tempat ni..
sumpah lapar tgk ayam tu..hehe

zunitaramli said...

hehe. uish, jgn byk sgt sumpah, nnt kang kene makan dgn sesumpah! kidding :P


cucu umie said...

wow, cantik yer tmpt nie.. mcm nak pergi jer?? huhu btw, malu nk write my new entry in english..tkot ..haha

zunitaramli said...

laa..watpe nk malu. xyah malu, nnt lama2 mesti pandai :)