May 20, 2011

Man United and Brazil fans, take note of this.

Hello readers!

Actually, I didn't plan to update my blog today, cause I drained off good topic to write. But I still have this video left in my bookmark menu. So, I decided to write about it.

Back to the topic, I believe some of you may be a Man United or Brazil fans, am I right? If you are one of them, this entry may interest you. I'm not really good in this tho, but I find it worth sharing with you guys.

Before that, I want to ask you some questions;
1) Do you have the club jersey? If you do, do you wear it?
2) Do you ever see the club badge closely, and understand what the badge means?

Manchester United batch featured it's famous devil symbol to strike fear into his opponents with the nickname "Les Diables Rouge" which means "The Red Devils" in French. Having that in mind, do we aware when we wear the jersey, we actually wear something symbolizes bad and evil?

We may not intend to express the devil, it just happens the devil is featured in the Man United badge, but  as long as there is the devil symbol, we are not encouraged to wear it. The same thing goes to Brazil badge, which featured a cross in the badge. Some of you may argue this, but in the end, it's your own choice whether to accept it, or to argue about the hukum behind it.

I found this video is useful to sharpen the understanding of this hukum.

Recap from Ustaz Azhar lecture;
- Wearing Man United jersey with small badge is makruh, yet if you wear it often I believe the hukum is haram,
- Wearing Man United jersey with big badge is haram,
- Wearing Brazil jersey with badge is haram

Tepuk dada, tanya iman.



ziana said...

Thanks to Allah, I'm not interested in Football neither get involve in any Football Fans

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