May 15, 2011

Me, Roses and Him :)

Hello readers,

I've been longing to update my visit to よのこえん("Yono-koen"; Yono park), only today I have the chance to write about it.

Actually, the visit was unplanned. The plan was only going to eat すし("sushi") at かっぱすし("Kappa sushi"). But when I saw a lot of roses while passing through the こえん("koen"; park), I felt like wanted to see them closely. So, we decided to go there after eating sushi.

As usual, let the pictures do the story for the rest. Enjoy~!

Yellow rose - for friendship if im not mistaken :)

Orange rose :)

Orange again :)

Me, with yellow roses

Yellow roses

Yellow again~

Yellow-orange-ish roses

Yellow-orange-ish roses





White and red roses

Me, with white-red roses

Pink roses! 


Pink roses

White-red rose

I'm not sure the color tho.. myb it's cream? or light orange? im not sure..

This are rare roses. I've never seen this kind of rose before..

Light pink.. cntik :)

my favourite!

mmm.. light orange rose?

White rose! yippy~! >.<

I believe this is the koen signboard

white and red roses. I loveee the combination!

also favourite!

cantik pulak bunga ni tumbuh bersusun cmni

Rare species of rose, I would say


Gorgeous and sexayyy baby!

Red roses. always favourite.

Rose buds

I love this pics!

mista hubby

not-so-red roses.haha

Red roses


Orange roses

Not-so-red roses >.<

Park signboard

Till then.

Ps: Mista hubby kate ade rose festival nnt. tp da tgk da rose, mcm xbest plak tgk 2x


Myzatul FarahinSatimin said...

wowwww seyes lawa rose2 tu!!!!!!!!
wangi x ek lalu sebelah pokok2?

zunitaramli said...

mmm.. xde bau sgt pon kalau lalu kt pokok2 tu.. kene bau dekat2 baru wangi :)

dahlila comey said... husband ko ade satu gambar jer??

zunitaramli said...

harulah gamba dia sikit, sbb dia kene amek gamba aku. muahahahahaha

Nuralia E'zzati said...

cantek ! sukesukesuke :)