May 11, 2011

Nasi lemak on sale :D

Hello peeps!

Today my husband and me sell the Coconut Rice (Nasi Lemak), but we took the order in advance. We (me actually) don't really have things to do at home, so yeah, I'd better do something profitable beneficial :) Anyway, I woke up as early as at 8am and get ready to cook the coconut rice. Since I already prepared some of the ingredients before hand, so it won't take me too long to make the coconut rice for 18 people.

I started the process with making the sambal (chili paste?), which took me around 10-15 minutes. Then, I fried the chicken which I marinated the day before with spices to make Spices Fried Chicken (Ayam Goreng Berempah). While waiting the chicken to get fried, I cooked the coconut rice, which is basically just mixing the coconut milk (santan) with rice and a pinch of salt, also putting the pandan leaves (daun pandan) to get a nice aroma of coconut rice.

The sambal

Coconut rice after coooked

Done with that, I cut the boiled eggs into half (still waiting the chicken to get fried). Also noted that I boiled the eggs the night before, just to save time in the morning. Then I chopped the cucumber, and get prepared to fried the anchovies (ikan bilis). In the mean time, I got to stir(?) the coconut rice from time to time, to make sure they mixed well together. If not, you will see there is residue (due to the coconut milk, I believe) on top of the rice when the rice cooked.

The boiled eggs after cut

The chopped cucumber

Fried anchovies

After all those, I have to put them into containers, and this must be done in hygienic way (of course!). So, after making sure everything is clean, including the containers, I started the process. It took me about 10 minutes to finish putting everything into containers :)

Tadaa! Our coconut rice is ready to sell ^^;

13 of them :)

After finished packing

And then, I'm done with coconut rice! Honestly, I enjoy doing this. Thanks to the buyers who always support my business, also my interest ^^; ありがとうございますみんあ!("arigatou gozaimasu minna"; thank you everyone)

Ps: Aku tau tulis hiragana ngn katakana je :P


Shira Shafrida said...

ita, jadi penjual nasi lemak ye.. syabas.. ;)

kalau letak daun pisang kat packaging lagi best.. terasa melayunya.. hee

zunitaramli said...

daun pisang mahal kt sini shira, nnt xdpt nk jual murah :(

mad khaz said...

nampak sedap,hehe XD

zunitaramli said...

nampak je? mmg sedap niii.slurp2! HAHA! :P

Myzatul FarahinSatimin said...

wow lawa nc lmak tu bile da pack2 ek..
jual kpd org mlyu kt sana or japan sekali? best2... gud job

zunitaramli said...

hehe, thanks! jual kt melayu je, for the time being. jual kt student uni kt sini :)

lynda said...

whoaaa..macam sedap jer ! adeh teringin la plak !!

zunitaramli said...

beli2, jgn xbeli ;)