May 04, 2011

Tobu World Square - Part 1

Hello people!

After few days lazying in my bed (in denial updating this entry - just because its gonna take too long to write, and I am so lazy to write them), today I wake up and force myself to do it. First of all, I will talk about Golden Week, my journey to Tobu World Square, and lastly about what's in there.

From end of April till early of May is known as Golden Week in Japan. So, Japanese got holidays through this entire week, that's is why they call it Golden Week. This known to be the longest holiday in Japan. Actually, Golden Week is a combination of holidays, that happened to be in consecutive days.

*April 29: Showa Day 
*May 3: Constitution Memorial Day
*May 4: Greeny Day
*May 5: Children's Day/ Boy's Day
*Source: Wikipedia

As for my husband and I, we went to a place called Tobu World Square during the Golden Week. We went there because it offered unique and extraordinary experience, feeling 25 times bigger than usual. They replicate buildings all over the world with 25 times smaller than its original size. Tough they are 25 times smaller, but they presented every details of the building successfully. The other thing that make me impressed was though there were so many miniature dolls around the buildings, as many as 140,000 peoples, but there weren't two people alike. That means, each and every people is distinct and unique!

Okay, enough about that, I will continue writing about Tobu World Square later. Now, about the journey to go there. It took us almost 2 hours to get there, from Saitama by train. They journey costs approx 5000 yen (return), which about RM183.80. Throughout the journey, I took some pictures. These what I got:

Sekolah ke ape tah ni

Rumah-rumah Jepun :)

Sawah padi di Jepun :)

Cantik je.. hijau~

Sawah padi

Standard rumah orang Jepun

Hutan pokok tirus. Cantik!

Hutan pokok tirus lagi;)

Dalam train.. cantik dan besar.. mcm dlm flight pon ade :)

Compartment dlm train

Tempat makan dlm train


Bergambar dlm train

Train nye rail. hehe

xde motif. haha

with hubby yg sporting gile. cayalah!

After taking the train for 2 hours, then we arrived at Kinugawa-Onsen station. Gambar pon jgn la lupe di ambil. hihi! Take a look at those~

Just arrive at Kinugawa-Onsen

Train ni mcm best. So, snap skali :D

Jarang dpt bergambar dgn train (header?)

I dont know what is this, tp ade kt depan station, amek je laa. hehe

Then, we continue our journey to Tobu World Square with taking a bus to get there. Bus fees was 400yen return (approx RM 14.70)....

The story will continue in later part :) Jangan lupa tunggu Tobu World Square-Part 2 utk sambungannya. Hehe :D

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