June 28, 2011

A little update :)

Hello people!

Well, as most of you know, now I'm in Malaysia, having something to settle down. I will be here for 2 weeks, hopefully on 7 July, I will fly back to Japan, staying with my beloved husband till at the end of the year :)

Today, I went to see the doctor to get a supplement. I didn't plan to do the ultrasound, but since the doctor was already asked me to lay down in the bed, so I had no choice, hadn't I? But one thing for sure, I had no regret of doing it. Because the feelings of having the chance seeing your lil bub in your womb was truly indescribable! I can clearly see the womb, the placenta, the liquid around it, etc. The placenta, with the liquid inside it just 38mm in diameter. And there s/he was, a very lil tiny creature with white spots in the middle of it. I feel touched, happy and at the same time, I can wait to see he/r grows more and more :)) Subahanallah, truly, He is the Great Creator.. :)

Only He knows, how happy I am in this moment..

To my lil bub, I hope, one dat you can read whatever I wrote here. So that, you know how happy I was, how happy your ayah was when we knew you are 'struggling' to live in my womb. I pray in every solat so that you can be a great person, a great companion, a great son/daughter..

We love you so much :)


Myzatul FarahinSatimin said...

ita, sbnrnye dah bape bulan ye bby tu?=))

zunitaramli said...

estimation dalam 7 weeks da :)

Myzatul FarahinSatimin said...

okey.. selamat menjaga kchatan k...=))

Kekucings said...

k.ita...i'm syuhada...thniah akk...rezeki akk smkin murah ~insyaALLAH..sy doakn akk n baby stiasa sht,,jaga diri baik2 akk...dh nk jd mama ye akk,,tp tetap cntik mcm '20'..hehhe