September 16, 2011

Birthday wish.

I am so grateful to have a wonderful husband.. As my birthday comes closer and closer, yet I still do not have an idea what kind of gift I want from my husband. I keep changing my mind. But.. now I realized, I want nothing more.. than him. Being beside him every single second everyday is what I want, so as my birthday wish. He is the most perfect gift I ever wanted for my birthday. More than hundreds bucks of handbag, more than thousands bucks of ipad, more than everything. As our love becomes stronger from day to day, I thank to Him, for giving me the perfect husband.

He always makes me melted when he looks in my eyes,
He always makes me laugh when my tears start to roll down my cheeks,
He always makes a joke when I am bored,
He always trying to fulfill every single thing that I demanded for,
He always talk to me nicely regardless of anything,
He always forgives me for every single mistake that I did,
He always says he loves me so much up to infinite layers of infinity,
He always makes his best regardless of anything..

So.. what else should I ask for from Him?


shazrin said...

suka sangat!!! so sweet la both of u..

Myzatul FarahinSatimin said...

alahai... bestnye... semoga ikatan perkahwinan berkekalan sehingga ke syur ga ita..=))