October 01, 2011

Sweet 24th birthday :)

Hello people,

Today I will write the entry in english coz I feel my english is getting worse.. =.=" Anyhoo.. I wont continue with my "Catatan Cinta" series, instead I will update about my birthday celebration yesterday :)

For some of you may not know/forgot, yesterday was my 24th birthday.. This year is the first time we celebrate it as husband and wife :") The celebration was simple yet meaningful. Now I realized, it was not about the quantity of things that u spend together, it was more about the quality of time that u had together :) No matter how simple the celebration was, it's still one of the best birthdays I ever had. Thank you sayang :)

Well, in the evening we went for a dinner at Kappa Sushi. We ate sushi for the pre-birthday dinner! hehe.. As usual, I only ate 4-5 plate of sushi maximum. So yeah, he really saved his budget for the dinner. LOL


One of the sushi that I ate

Hihi ;p - nway,w/o any makeup. promote naturactor jap. haha!

2 people - just 6 plates. I ate 4 of them. haha

Next, we went to "Donki Hote" to buy chocolates! I loooooove chocolateeee. hehe.. but sadly, the chocolate that I wanted wasnt sold anymore.. :(( But anyhoo, I bought soo many boxes of chocolate.. *grin*

Then, we went back home. Oh, before that, we bought a slice of cake at Jusco :) *I chose myself.haha!* At 12 am, 29 September 2011, he lighted the candles and sang the birthday song.. sweet :") He wished the very best for our relationship, for now and hereafter. May we can be a good parent, inshaAllah~ Anyway, enjoy the pictures!

The cake :)

Ps: Thank you so much for being the best husband in the world for me sayang.. Nothing can change how deep I feel about you, may Allah always bless our marriage and hopefully we can be in the best place in Jannah, inshaAllah :)


shazrin said...

so sweet la sis!!!

aza said...

hepi birthday