November 14, 2011

And the rants continue on and on..

In life, we cannot everything that we want. We planned every single detail, but then we failed to fulfill them. At times, we feel depressed, because all the times that we spent to plan, is just wasted. All the things that we imagined is just imagination after all. So, what should we do then?

The reason is fairly simple, we plan, but at the same time, God also has His plan for us. We have to bear in mind, God's plan is the best. Whatever excuses you are trying to give, whatever reason you are trying to find, God's always better. Maybe you can't see the reason behind it now, but sooner or later, you will. Trust me. and most importantly, TRUST GOD.

Saying about this, that is something that always lingering in my mind lately. Honestly, at times, I feel depressed. I don't know whether it's because of the imbalance hormone in my body (since I'm pregnant), or it just I feel the way it is. Sometimes I feel I'm stuck in the middle of it. I can go nowhere. I can turn nowhere. My only option is just sit there, quietly and patiently. Yes. PATIENTLY. Until everything is over.

P/s: I hate when my mind starts to think like.. what if.. what if..

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