November 22, 2011

Tribute to her..

Tho I know she is going to die, but I can't deny I am not prepared for this. I tried to deny the reality, I still pray to God that she's going to survive, and live healthily. But yeah, the truth is, it's only 0.1% chance she was going to survive..

She used to be a very active kitten a month ago. She was very adorable, cute and funny. I like and love her so much. She liked to play and with her muka-kesian-face, no one can resist her. She was very healthy. Her eyes sparkling everytime she made her muka-kesian-face. 

But on a one fine day, nobody knew that day was a turning point of her life. While she was playing, my other cat (probably under the influence of jealousy) had started a fight with the little kitten! It happened in a blink of eyes, no one can save her, no one can do anything at that moment. She 'cried' loudly due to the pain the she got. I took her, I can see nothing on her body. Not even a scratch. So I thought she had a trauma of getting a fight with a big cat. But then she continued to cry.

And just after that I notice she couldn't use both of her legs! She couldn't walk normally. She had to use both of her front legs (I call it her hands) to walk. That was very dramatic. But her mother continued to look after her. I took her to a veterinarian in Kuala Pilah. But due to lack of equipment, the veterinarian couldn't do much, instead, just giving her an antibiotic injection and calcium pills.

She turned to be quite okay after sometime. She was no longer cried, but her legs still couldn't move. And I continued to pray that her condition will improve.. But the bright day does not lasts long. She continued to walk using both of her hands. Because of that, her lower abdomen and one of her leg swollen. She got other complications as well. I wanted to bring her to veterinary again, but I have no transport. So, the best thing that I could do was, treat her every morning and evening. I bathed her, I cleaned her wounds, I wrapped her swollen leg and at the same time I prayed she can turn fine and healthy..

But from day to day, she keep on crying.. She cried from the morning to late night, maybe.. she was in pain.. :( And I can do nothing for that.. I feel so sorry.. :((

And yesterday, her condition became critical. She cramped and she had difficulty to breath. I cried seeing her in that condition.. Few times she tried to wake up, but she fell on the floor. She couldn't stand still with her hands anymore. She was very-very weak.. I cried..

I prayed, if death is the best thing for her, I let her go..

This morning, my pray had been answered from God. He took her away.. Tho I prayed for that, but deep inside, I cried, I am very sad. I love her. So much.

No one can understand the bond between me and her.

To her,
May you rest in peace in there. I believe, you know that I love you so much. Hope we will meet again. And I will pray for that. 

I love you so much, my dear kitten.



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cahayaharumankasturi said...

so lovely mummy to be. tabah ye ita.