January 10, 2012

Think BIG. Dream BIG.

Hello people,

I think most of you (who follows my blog from start) know that I'm currently running my online business. Got to say, it looks simple doing online business - just sit in front of your lappy/desktop, create a blog/website/facebook, then promote your product(s). But it's MORE than that.

After few months I'm in this industry (field?), I have been through so many unexpected things that I never think of before. Challenges not only come from customers, but also competitors, haters, customs (?), and so on. Several times I lost and give up, I feel I want to quit. But then, when I remember my real intention in business, I re-motivated myself and I continue.

I admit, the profit that I got quite a number. But is it worth it when your friends become your foes, when your peers become your enemies? 


Many things are lingering in my mind right now. Until when I want to do this business?

I want to have my own company. I want to have my own workers. I don't want just doing small-scale business forever. For the start, maybe yes, but not forever.

I don't want to stop dreaming. Instead, I want to think BIG and dream BIG.


Suhaila Zain said...

Salam akak,jgn give up tau...even sy xpnh lg beli make up stuff ngn akak tp dh lame sy stalk blog akak,product akak jual mmg original n harga jauh lg murah dr org lain..sy rs amatla rugi kl akak stop n mst rmai customer n future customer cm sy frust nnt coz mane lg tmpt nk cr n beli brg original n high quality w affordable price..Akak "ignorance is bliss".wish u happy always..senyum2,ni dugaan utk akak dpt rezeki lg baik dr skrg tau ;)

Snazzy Naz said...

tetapkan nawaitu, dengan bisnes kecil2an d fb/blog..tak mustahil satu hari nnt akan ada satu kedai yg terpampang nama Naturactor Collections. Just amalkan kejujuran, kepercayaan customer akan tetap..dengan cara ni, customer akan makin bertambah dan akan ada yg recomended product yg zu jual. just be strong for what happen, ingt...berbisnes, kalu dengan cara yang betul akan kekal...tp kalau dengan cara yg salah....takkan kekal lama.

zunitaramli said...

@suhaila: thanks for the support dear :) mmg kadang2 tu terfikir nk quit, sbb mcm2 cabaran.. tapi bila fikir customers, xsampai hati nk quit, so teruskan jugak lah. itulah kan, beginning is always the hardest.

@naz: inshaAllah naz.. thanks for the doa and trust yg naz dah berikan kt NC. And im very honored ada customer mcm naz :) thanks again dear :)

Intanberlian said...

ita, think big! insyaALLAH berkat anak dalam perut tu memang murah rezeki ta, lagipun 9 punca rezeki dari berniaga.

Setiap apa yang kita buat pasti ada risiko, cabaran dan dugaan. Face it! itu realiti. insyaALLAH asalkan kita ikhlas, cara kita betul.. apa yang ko usahakan ni ta ada keberkatannya.

Paling penting skali ingatlah ta.. utamakan keberkatan =D muah. lov u!