April 19, 2012


Dah lama xupdate blog. Memang banyak benda nk ditulis, nk diblog kan, cumanya kadang2 masa yg terluang tu ada prioriti lain.. mmm..

So in the few coming updates, im gonna update about;
-My days in Japan (nk tulis my 'trip' to japan xjugak.. sbb it's not really a trip tho, coz bukan nye holiday sakan kt sana.. just visiting my beloved hubs ;))
-My latest update (current life)
-My thought about things
-My review for book (not plural, huh? -so bz lately :( ) that I read recently
-My lil angle (she's about 3mo now!! How fast time flies, kannn?? and of course she gets more adorable day by day! hiks)

That's it for now. Gotta go now.