August 26, 2012

Ibu mana yang tak sayang anak?

Hi all,

Hisashiburi. It's been quite sometime since I last update this blog. As time flies, many things happened.

It's 2nd time my beautiful, cute and adorable daughter, Safiyyah warded in the hospital. That means, its more than twice she had been injected. What 6 months old baby knows about pain?

Whenever Safiyyah gets injected, I feel so guilty. Deeply inside.
Whenever Safiyyah cry while been injected, I feel so sad. Deeply inside.
Whenever she's in pain, I feel the pain too. Deeply inside.

It makes me think whether I'm a good mother..or not..? Am I really doing my best to be one?

People see me okay from the outside. But inside out, only He knows. How much I cried, how many times I fell, but I tried to stay strong. I have to be strong in front of my daughter.. if I'm not, how can she'll be strong too?

Safiyyah.. please forgive ummi for not being able to take the best care for u.. :'(

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Syarifah Nornazrah Al Yahya said...

lumrah kehidupan seorg ibu. jgn slhkn diri okay zu... bkn tak dpt jd ummi terbaik, but ni part of dugaan yg kena tempuh. jaga anak bukan perkara yg mudah, sejak dr dlm rahim lagi. of cos u know kan?
apa2pun, naz doakan bby safiyyah akan terus kuat like ummi dia...and akan cepat sihat. take care too ur health too okay darl. hugs.