September 01, 2012

Safiyyah & Hospital : Part I

That was 2nd time in less than a month Safiyyah was warded. Ibu mana yang xsedih tgk anak sendiri sakit, kan?

It was actually happened when she got her blood diarrhea again. I mean, repeated blood diarrhea. It started on the first or 2nd day of raya (which I don't really remember). But since that was raya, and I still have the previous medicine from the doc, so I didn't take her to the doc. However, her diarrhea was getting worse and there was no sign of positive improvement in her condition.

So on the 3rd day of raya, on my way back to my mum-in-law's house, we went to see the doc at senawang specialist (the place where the 1st time she was warded). Unfortunately, no paedritician was present (cz it was raya). Safiyyah was attended by a (general?) doc. After checking by the doc, he suggested Safiyyah to be warded cz it is quite dangerous for 6mo baby to get repeated blood diarrhea. But we refused. We wanted to try to gv her the medications first and hoping there will be a sign of improvement. So we went back with all the medications..

**to be continued..**