March 03, 2014

Coz I love her.

I know she wants to change, she wants to be someone better, she wants to leave her past. But she just do not know how to do it.

I really love her - no matter what. I do not care whatever her past was, I really really do love her.
Everyone makes mistakes. Even Allah forgives the sins, siapalah kita nk membeza2 kan darjat kita?

She always in my prayers, I always pray her to change. I cried when she told  me she wanted to change.
I hope Allah always be by her side to give her strength to change, I know it's not easy.

If she ever needs me, needs my help -  I always be by her side.
Only Allah knows how much I love her.

I love her very very very much.
I just want the best for her. May Allah ease everything..

PS: Please please please pray for her. Pray for her best, pray for her to be better inside out.
Coz I love her so much :(