July 10, 2014


Source: Berita Harian

This world is unfair. It always be.
Even how hard you try to make it fair, there always be flaws here & there.

Who said human punishment is enough?
Who said our jurisdiction is perfect?
Who said there always be humanity?

Our brothers & sisters in Palestine are killed everyday.
They are like eyesore to the Israeli.
They are like refugee in their own home.
Their blood is HALAL for Israelis to killed.

Innocent children being killed every moment.
Even the moment you read this,
There are children being killed in Gaza.

Where are we?
Are we just looking what is happening there?
We don't need to be Muslim to feel anything,
We just need to be human. With humanity.

That reasons out why there will be akhirat (hereafter),
Where the real punishment is for those who really did the sin.
He knows what you may not.