September 03, 2015

Motivate or sakit?

Hello people!

Since Europe Trip entry dah sampai penghujungnya (on last entry), but I still want to write, coz I love to! Haha. Lantak la, ini blog aku. LOL.

What I about to write, is what I think. You might agree, and you might agaisnt it. It is up to you. Again, this is my blog and it is up to me what I want to write, huh? Heheh

Well.. I realized maybe some people get jealous to read my Europe entries. Which I don't care pun. Hahah. Because for me, you are how you react on something. If you yourselves full of negativity, envy you will read all the entries with stub in your chest. Ye lah, cemburu lah katakan. But if you think it as your goal, you want to make it to be your dream too you might find it motivating, full of positivity.

I have came across many occasion that when I read something, it inspires me to be like them or to get what they have. I might, sometimes feel envy, but when I feel that way I will pray for their success & mine too.

Be envy or let yourselves with full of negativity leaves nothing but pain in your heart. You will not live in peace, selalu rasa nak sakit hati je. Itu tandanya jiwa kita sakit.

Sometimes people only see what they want to see. People only hear what they want to hear. There is saying, "Do not judge a book by its cover" but that what people like to do most.

Beli iPhone baru, banyak duit.
Pergi bercuti ke Europe, banyak duit.
Pakai kereta import, banyak duit.

But they know less how we afford to get these things. We are working 24/7. We cut down unnecessary things. We save money,we plan our budget. We have monthly budget evaluation. But them? They are effortless, just judging you 24/7. They could not afford it, because they are boros. No budget, no monthly evaluation. Wasting money without they realized.

Smoking or even vaping everyday, needs money.
Lunch/dinner at expensive restaurants, needs money.
Bought branded clothes, needs money.
Went lepaking/ playing futsal, badminton or whatsoever too often, needs money.

They do not realized, their pocket is leak with this "wasting-money" behaviour and yet they claim, they do not have money. Tak cukup duit. Tak cukup kaya.  Let say they stop these things for a year, I bet bukan iphone je boleh beli, 1 europe pun boleh pergi!

So.. my point is..if you know nothing about something, better shut up. Don't act like you are a saint from heaven.

ps: I believe it has been long time I have not ranting in my blog.

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